CCRESS is committed to ensuring that Catechists have access to quality training that allows them to participate effectively in the ministry of CCD as per the General Directory of Catechesis. Individual Dioceses provide training courses for Catechists to ensure they receive formation in approved curriculum delivery, teaching strategies, child protection and relevant Government legislation and guidelines pertinent to the teaching of SRE in State Schools. Further to this they receive opportunities to participate personal faith formation courses run by CCD and as part of Adult Faith formation offered in each Diocese.

CCRESS is committed to ensuring in the future that all Catechists will have access to qualifications through online learning and training. This commitment has been supported financially by the NSW-ACT Bishops who recognise the amazing contribution made by Catechists to the evangelising mission of the Church.

CCRESS has developed training that includes:

  •  Key principles of effective Catholic Catechesis and Evangelisation
  •  Child Protection Training
  •  Legal Issues Training
  •  SRE Guidelines and Procedures training